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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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investigating a tragedy. tragedy.1:27:02 as far as i 3 the peeple underrscrutiny after the shooting of a police trainee. trainee. performance with a purppse. purposee 3 the message thhse dancers were -3 sending in downtown baatimore. baltimore.ddn't get used to the mild weather. when temperatures will take a drop aad our next chance for snow in my skywatch forecast. 3 survivor. 3 "for whattver reason, neall -3&just felt like he needed tt look back ad check checchow a student escaped the & pdadly shootinn in college 3 helll i'mmjenniffr gilbeer. and i'm jeff barrd. barnd.investigation mooee &pforward in the shooting of a police rainne traiieetonight we know the is believed to have pulled the triggerrand as crime and justtce epprter joy lepola tells s william s. kern may have been in a russ to get bbck to the raining acaddmy...
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academy...just before things wenn terribly wwong.. - 3 p3 ((pkg)) an 18 year veteran facing a criminal &pinvestigatioo... after hh 3& head. the shhoting occured & during a training exercise at &ptheeformer rosewood state hospital. it was the first time....the city's police aaademy had used the looking at trainnnn academies across -3 the country whetheerthee e at baatimore city police sayy officer william s. kerr is suspended along with five pcademy. 1::1:29 sometimes 3 red or yellow. experts say even if keen diin't realiie he 3 weapon... others should have. during any ssenario based traaniig, powers ay weapons
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are marked so this sort oo & thing oesn't happen. on 3 pcming back a breaa and mayy & hhae been unning late. 3 tooight, maryland state police are actiiely in search 3& that, will likely include a reeiew of the maryland policc training commissioo'ssown policiis. the commission nott onlyycertified kern and otherr instructors it certified thee city's police caddmy s well. he last time, baltimore experienced a tragedy of this magnitude.... a female fire -&pccddt died. she wasstrapped inna bbrning building.(old pkg &pshould bb innssstem))(slight &ppause))but we ffille her. (pause) " following the invvetigation nto cadet rachel wilson's death, the -3 head of the ffreedepartmentts training academy was fired and it was deteerined that national trainiig standards bagpipes of ld ppg) &p
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3 phe crippled uiie ship being &ptowed toward land .. near tte heree' a llve look at the hip......just a few lights on... ....eccuse the coast guard delivered a is expect to dock very soon... and could take - another 5 hoorssto get eveeyone off the ship..t llft port a week ago... ago...buu aafire in the engine rrom knocked out ppwee... creating terrible living conditionsson boarrd...and we're learring moreeabout the phat happpned on boardd.. now that the ship is wittin cell phone range we were old to use plastic - bags and tie them up and put them innthe halllay and they'd pick thhm up. and once thh - commodes got full to use the ssower.
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shower.thh "triimph" is actually flagged in the bahamas... so the bahamas marittie auuhority ill be conductinn the investigation. legal eeperts saa it may bee difffcult ffo passenggrs to sue for damages p3 first onnfox toniggt../. a... -3 criminaa innestigation... is & assault rifle.../ reeources. 3 fox 44... 3 internal memo... regarding the... m-16... 3 p . officials conffrm... they are investiiating.../ investigating.../ 3& they're not ccrtain... if it was stooen... or loot... / p because... --3 oo... lax ecord keeping....// 3 tww... years ago..., a... feddral audit... found the department's... gun logs .... inaccurate... áandd outdated. 3 12:31:10"weeare missingga & patrol rifle. we deeermineddit wws misssng aa part of our -3 it's a criminal nnestigation." investigation.""he... pifle's... serial number... has bbennentered... into a weapons. 3 tonight...we hear rom the - ptee-fftherrof the only
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& survivor from the shooting students deaa.janice park todaa, because he ran for his life. anice? 3 neal oa issup and and walking, just a few days afttr beeng shot by his roommate.tonight, disturbbng new information is &pcoming out...including that -&pthe rooomatessknee the shooter had kept guus ii the house. house. 3 3 police say charcoal briquets were sed to set a series of fires at the off campus hhme maryland students.quiikly pollowing the fires...would be 3 lawn.undergrrduate neall oa...seen bbinn wheeled away -3here is the sole survivor of 33 instincts may have savee his &plife. oa's step-father chris merz: & eal just felt like heeneeded he saww he ggn ccming out of & his pocket. and he turnnd to shot." (:08)policc say grad - studeet
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dayvon green shot both & oo his roommates.oa was shot in the he rrn foo his 3 3 "he got up and ran as fast as he could. [hh] ran to nnighbor's ouse and, thann god, she let him in theedoor, and provided sanctuary for - himm. (::1)roommate stephen rane, waa shot to deeth on the froot lawn. green then eaded -3& to the backyard, nd turned the gun on himsslf.accordiig to the ssep-faaher...the roommates kkew green had guns -3 in the house...but had áno idda that he was sttuggling with a menttl illness.theyy -3 ooly ddscribed greennas ddfferent. little bit leery of him for whaaevvr reaaons there were)) but, you know, haviig a couple oo guns in the ouse waa, youuknow, gave them some pauss for concern, but. you know, he's pllowee to have them."" 33 neal oa plans to cooplete his seeesterrat maryllnd, but he house.janice park...fox45 news
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3&pfriends anddfamill gathhr to rrmember jennifer conyerr... a 3 in her home last week.a & puneral was heed todaa at sharp street memorial uuited methodist church.conyers was pound deaddfrrday in a house fiie on hiih gate drive in northwest baltimore.police say 33 electrical cords and beaten. monteecarter is chhrged with her murder. police say theetwo 3 ago..- 3 howard couuty pplice... -3 have arresttd man... acccsed of exposing himself at the mall in columbba. columbia.these survvillance photos were releasee last -3 month... aafer a an exposedd-3 himself whhle ffllowing a ggouu of girls at thee mall....////police have now & idennified the suupect as -349-year-old steven lerer....// he was arrested ednnssay &pnight after a mall employee -3 saa him touchiig himself &pinappropriatley i the food ccurt..../lerer is charged witt two countssof indecent expossrr... police are -3 investiiatinggwhether he was incident.../// & 3&pp baltimore... residents... pay... a...
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-3 painfully high propeety tax.../ -3 but.../ is... 3 phe.... mayor... now &pwants... to....chhrge a fee... for... trash pick-up...///. at... city hall... proposal.../ , garbage... keith. keithh jjff..... the mmyor floaaed thh idea earlier this week during hhr ptate of the city addresssheree at city hall. it's ppoposal thattstunned some cityyresidents. -33 residenns. & 3 nancy mccauley hhs ived - in balttmooe city on keewick 3 nearly 80 years... and she'ss pever considered the cost of her garbage, untii nnw. go back to burnnng itt. which ii what we did when i was a kid."......mccauley is among ttose city residentss ho are outragee over a new ppoposal from cityyhall.....(áááánatt pp full::"we must create a nnw 3 trash....".........mayor ssephanie rawlings blake wants to charge rrsidents foortrash collectioo.. ffeefor a
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weekky service that had until now.. been free..........but mccauley says, that's why she pays her property taxes. pmccauuey) "she's that when it comes to ordinary ppople.. hy is she ttking two 33 ttash!" the maaor says the new fee would also be &pcharged to those not currennly paying roperty taxes, like non-profitss she says theesavings woull bb used tt 3 rate, whhch is the highest in the region. she can't say nowwhow much the fee would be..shh saassdetails aree &pccming soon. and that delay is ccusing concern at city hall for some, including constituents want details now. (scott))"what i'm aakinn my ciiizees and all the cittzzns to do is wait unttl we the council get the full deetils so that we can fully -3 understand exactly whatt he but i also would ssy i'll be doing he researcc to see how
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we haa ery little trash, we -& had ashes, cause we had coal - furnaces.." he mayor did say -3 yesterray.. that she'll haav mmre deeaiis on how thh plan -3 will workk. next week. - live at city haal, kd, fox 45 3 so, here's our question of he mayors lan to charge a fee 3 pickup?here's a look at our facebboo ppge...abbut 50 of question toniiht...most oo you do nnt agree with thh mayor's going to faceeook dot com 3 3 it's... vaaentine's day... but p.. this year... for traddttinal gift of chocolates... won't workk & this yyar the biggest day of the year for candy makers falls duringglent and sales will be down betweee 5 and ten percenn. nonetheless, thee numbers for itemm like & chocolate covered straaberries here aa ockenfuss candies are
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-3 pmpressive. before noon they --3 dipped nnarly 600 pounds of sttaaberries! of course for many, chocolate is stiil the perfect gift on 3 theeowner's wife. & 3 1911 it's noo considered a gift it'ss oesnnt show i cared candy from work ann take it homm o i usually get er jewelrr 3 the nationaa rettil fedeeatioo eetiiaaes thee average personnspends 130 dollars n valentine'' day gifts and food. 3 one billion rising in baltiiore.....itssan - initiaaive to eed violence aaainst women thii valentinns day.... day....karre parks ... - live... attthh washhngton monument mt eenon &p.../ where... thee.. festivittes began...... & began...... it... began... with a flash mob... here at tte washington 33 march own charles street.......ts a worldwide effort to end violence agaanst wommn... &pwomen...
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3 3womee marching.......,3 (nats))tandinn up.....against piolencce.....on this valentines day........3::2)one be a vvctim of a rape or a & brutal beetinn.....aworldwide billion & rising.....(4:06)we are aaking billion people to tandup in support of this oveeeet.... bringing awwreness to a problem that affects so many womee.....(35:42)theee' s all ages here are all cooors off 3 crute rreemmers a frrend..... (35:53)we were probably in the 11th grrde hh use to eet hee - phen she married him it kept on....stories many of these -3 vvolatee everyday all overrthe
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& movement......for some....thht &phas lasted decades....(37:36) in hh 66's and this s oming & pull circle its iiportaat tt pupport the young people who are supporttng this now.. organizers say this worldwide movement s the argest day of action in the history of valentinns day... 3 & 3 aaron calderr, neighbor: 19:53 "oh it's horrible. i feel real bad. badd3 people... hurt in a fire --3inn arford county...the & problee...that may have slowed down the victims....trying to escape 3 (58:19) (neighbor nikki onnelly) "i doo'' think ve ever seen kids -3& alking to and from school.....""- school....." tte few sllvers of road...ánotáá covered by speed cammras inn baltimore...its our cover story&pin 155minutes n fox45 nees at ten p3 (side angle..emotional)"cauus - ya never know if ou wake that day with him"
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expressed in ordss..find out how they met......and his surprise gift forrhee...after the break
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3-& 3 breaking news out oo mmbile, plabama right nnw....- now...shhp, carnival "triumph" coming inttoport after a week at seafire knocked outt ower 3-thousand passengerscould ttke 5 hourr to get
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3 couud take 5 ,3 hoors tt gee peeple off the shipp--3 3 mmryland'ss.. death penalty... is... front- and--enter.. in... annapolis.../.the... governor... wants lawmakers... too &ppbolish... capiial punishment...//. but... jjon rydell... reporrs.../ not... everyone supports.... 3 repeal....- 3&ppirk bloodsworth is a familiar pace in annapplis.but for yearrs...e was incarcerated...and spent two years...onnmaryllnd's death rrw...for a murder he didn't -3 commit. (bloodsworth) "you pould havv eee executed. it's
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possible, absoluteey, i mean you don't knoww,i mean iiwaa eeentuully exonerated...thanks to d.n.a. evidence.he's nnwwa tireless -3&ppdvocate...for repealingthe 3 "it'' a horrible hing for marylandee should ever face this agaii evvrr" in a senaae committee...bbooos governor &po'malley abolish capital punishment. (governor) "the death penaaty &pdoes not make uu stronger or more seccre...more effeeceive or more just."(rydeel) "the governor's bill also includes to go to a fund forrcrimm victimss mooee the overnor says would be better spent there thhn on costly appeals in death penalty aaes."but -3 since aryland's death penaltyy..has essentially een put on hold in light of a - court oo appeals decision...sooeeprosecutors say state spending on non-existent. - (cassilly) "nothiin, nothing, i mean i haven't seen anything pilld in any capital ccse."but
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mikk hilll..who lives ii cape st. claair...still ssuporrs the death penalty.(hill) 3 committing murrer." ,33 20-years ago...hill's younger bbother jerry leeehhines...was &pstabbed tt death.brian &ptate....he teenaggr convicttd...did notface the death penalty...he was too young. but hill still worries about the day...wwen he's released. (hill) "and he is in there with life anddthat one day he will walk thh street, thatts upsetting."but death penalty opponents...believe they have enough finally pepeal...maryland's ultimaae annapolis, john ryyell, fox 45 news at ten. four years ago...// sttte lawmakers... restricted.... when prrsecutorr... can & seek... the death - pennlty...///. they... an... ooly purrse... capital ccses.../ there'ss.. d.n.aa evidence.../ p videotape... & of tteecrime.../ or... videotaaed confessions... from ..a suspecc. -3 a judge has enied ormee anne arundel county execctiveejohn & leopold's motion for a new trial.
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trial. retired ccrcuit court judge dennis sweeney 3&pwas withoot merit. sweeney -ccnvicted leeppld of month, and leooold resiinedd -3 days aterr he is scceduled to pe sentencee march 14tt. tomorrrwwis he deadline foo pandddates to apply for the - vacant ccunty executive 3 new oniggt../.the... medicaa examiner in & cclifornia... áhasá... positively of... christophee dorner.../ ...the... formmr cop ...accusee of - in... a... rampage... against olice...///.two... people... a mma... believed to be -3 dorner... are... speaking out. out.jim and karrn eynolds... oon ...mountainn vista ressrt../ & allegedly... took over a into a gun battle withh - deputies...///.thee.. - couule ssy... he shhweddup... at the resort... tuesdaa...// pointed... a gun at them ...beeore tying ttem up. -3 3 karen reenoldsssays: "he had jim reynolds sayy::"he had the gun drrwn showing with the..." mos reporter: "dii you know it was him?"karen reynolds ssys: & "yes."jim reenolds says: "oh
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yys. aa soon as i saw himm" 3 peportee says::"hhw lonn ere you in here wiih him?"jim pinutes."karen reynolds says: ""ttfelt a lot longer." longer."after the shootout... the cabin... 3 the suspecttwas nn.. wwssset oo fire.../// - investigators... ffund dorner's charred body & insidd...// 3 valentines day... is... ...chooolate... and... romantic inners for tto. & 3 but kathleen cairns finns a ptrue love story.... that only 'woods' caa describee. snap-if a icture is worth a thousand ords... thhn this couple... could make a book. a lot..yeaa we do.. more tten you could imagine.. laugh."jim -3&pand dianne et more then a decaae aao:"im a nurse ive &pbeen a nurse for 30 some yearss.. jjm has haddstrokes and seizurrss..."jim and me &pmet.. tell them where we met...e me... he was one offmy - (tww ssot)"ttey put a feeding &ppube in him cause e could nnt
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& swallow"to omething words caat deecribe... (close on -3 himm""ow iiknew wwat love was causeebeing with hhe.. i cant define ittat all thats what 3 life... and faced near ddath.... (side - phat our goona face that aay wiih him" ann it's jimms -3 words... thatthave lead to this picture... (two shot)"i haae something foo diane... "a ssrprisee.. 3 (voice)"a letter iiwrote to ya" 3 (reaaing letter)"a woman who stands by me.. behind me... and in front f me to rrtect i woold her."but one from the heart...(reading letter))" woman whh oes not mind being hugged with one arm, when we it and talk and -3&plaugh i realize its oo that i donn story... goos o show...
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sometimes... it takes justta few sometimms... it goes to & ssow... sometimes... itttakes juus a few words.... to mmke the iiture. (readinggletter- two shot)"she issmy woman my frienn and aal i can saa is thank you i ove you.. jim... kiss.,,.""--3 ,3 thee ouple is from ohii....- poho... but... moved to baltimore counny.../ so... jim... could have... better & access... to johns hopkiin & hospital. & 3 3 p33 3 & 3 3 3
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3 3 craay in love nats
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from the inauguration.. to thee ssper bowl halltimm shoo... tto year!beyonce isscoming to tte veriion center onnjuly 29tt. minntes.. o she added a second shhw.. he next night. ticcets gg on saae ttrough -& live nation tommrrow morning at 10 a-m.buttweewanttto get & you into the ssow for frre. &pfree.tomorrow on fox45 morning news... we're ggving way aa pair of passes to the show!so 3 win. 3 &p 3 we're stilllfolllwing this breakinn news ouu of obile alabama...the rrppled cruise & ship "trrumph"approachinn port & ow...we'll keep an eye on - this it evelopss toniiht 3 young children... injurre in this fire...tte detectorr...that may ave slowee theei 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten
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3 ((:30)) (jii rochhn) "this is ggvernment run amuck. theyyre putting the cameras 3 second." 3 on peed cameras.what it could mean or maryland motorists.
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33 p when awmakers approved thh use of speed cameras in maayland,,they did so witt children in miid. -3 mindd state law... only... alloww hem... to operatt .../ if....
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they're locatee... -3 wwthinn.. a... half-mill of a schooo...//. schooll..//. criticc complain there are now dozens offnew sccool ones....where there are o schools...butt pleett of cameras.... cameras.... in... tonightss overrstory,.../ 3 why... many mooorists... say... iissnothing 3&pscam. &p3 at the intersectton of lake and charless....ttere's no're in ''he zone'..... a school zone wherr you'll be -3 hard-pressed to find school...... but what - you will ffnd is a speed cameea.....hicc is only allowed to operate within a in this caae....the school is around the corner....down thee hill.....a third of a mile awaay... bryy pawr....a privatt school for girls. (1:09) ""f you've ever been to bryn mawr you know they have & private driveway. nobody walks to school there....." -3 we wanted to kkow how school zone...... soo 3 thissweek....our cameras kept & wwtch..... for one changing....the cars racing......tte speed camera watching..... bbt not once dii weefind a student - crossing
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this stretth of (neighbor nikki connelly) "i & doo't think ive ever seen kids 3 schhol....."" about a mile aaay, hhre's another school one where nikki -3 connelly has livve for the 3 outside her windoww...shh's school childrrn ts supposee to protect...areenoowhere o be ound. (58:00) (connelly) "we really on'tt haae any sccool traafic no grade school kids or younger -3 kids. e do see ome joogers & froo the university...." yoo'll be harddoressed to find any arra of the city thats not 'speed camera eligible'.... & (begin animatiin) -3 there are dozens of schools thhouuhout the city......and phen thh alf-mill around ttem becomes a school zone......the 3&pcity....becomes speed camera (abell) "in fact, about the only placee in the ity that -& this sliier of land along cold spring ane...." (2:03:50) (abell) "or the -3 dozen of acres here at clifton & park are free from speed cameras too...." in the hearttof druid hill park where the losess school iismore than a half-mile
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away...making most of this -3 park speed camera-free...." -3 (2:33) (jim brochin) "this issgoverrment run amuck. thee're puttinngthe cameraa & down and looking for schooos pecond....." ssate senator 3are turnnng up in places lawmakers nevvr envisioned. (annmation 2'nd half) he's sponsorrng leggslation which woulddshrinn the ize of & school zones from a half- in baltimore, t would mean a - loo more oadd....with a lot fewer cameras.... (1:45) (brochin) "legislatiie intent was ttat speed ccmeras were to protect kids. if its 3 phat. f iis about the money makk it aboot the money stop this rrteese and say we're - shortton revenue.....we'll ppt em wherever we want...." in november, the former larger sshool zones are -3 whhowalk to -3 sccool....typically takeea 3 route..... (20:21:51) (jamie kendrick) "iissnot
10:32 pm
kids walking ssraight ines. thht rrgard." the citt -3 insisss the cmeras re &pslowing traffic....aad -3 reducing crasses. but whhre nikkk connelly lives..... ponnelly) "actually its probably causing moree in some school zones......there appearr to be pooe cameraa...than kids..... (59::0) "i'm sure itt (59:35)) "does it 3 until recently, ... the... city of baltimore... used... virtually... any ddy-cares... nd... colleges, establish... chool zonns 3 now, its trictlyy - creaaing school zones based on & schools that are k-through-12. 3 3 a warnnng about .. what's in your ookwarrettat could be harmful o women. 3 the problemmwwth fire &pdetectors... that may have plowed people own...trying to 3 after the breakk- p
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3- p---people... are njured... sweeps... thru.... - pn... apartment... in aberdeen..../. the victimm... include.... -3&p4...///. melinda hy... their escape... mmy have been... delayed.
10:36 pm
delayed. 3 :21 - wrapppng up hooes - natss didd'tttake long...but recovery will bb a much - tougher ffght for a mother and tto young children - left & badly burned in this house firefiihtees ttrowing stuff out the window?) the fire broke out aroonn 10--'clock thursday morniig.iivestigators say it started in an upstairs bedroom...howard ewing, mdd -3 state fire marshal's office: 09:24 "there was heavy smoke & sscooddfloor apartment."the family somehow made their way outside - by the time ire phildden - ages 2 and 4... and pheir 26-year-old mother... areeall hospitalized tonight &pwwthhsevereeburns on their puperrbodiess neigghorr now pray they'll all surviie.aaron paldero, neighbor: 19:53 "oh it's horrible. i feel real offfcials want to rrmind everyone to check your ssoke detector.there were no batteries insideethe alarms att ttis home...which may have cost theevictims preccous mooents in making heii sccpe. howard ewing, md sttte fire &pmarshal's office:11:20 "well you can never saa what would've hhppened, but we do -3& know hat ssoke alarms...
10:37 pm
where there is a fire that's occurred." investigators 3 sppntthours sifting through -3 phe damage.... a burnne matttess ((5:17) ... and bed covers (15:355 .....heyyre sparked the ffamee.but thhy - whhn they're well enough too 3 45 news at ten. 3 the... landllrd... says./.. & at least... one parent's... a smoker...//. the... 3&pas a ppssible cause. 3 breakkng neww out of mobile, & alabama right now... now...ship,,carnival 3 ptriumph"coming into poot aftee a weekkat sea 3 p3 people off theeshiphourssto - get could take 5 passengers &p3-thoussnd powerfire knocced &pout seaaater a weee t coming carnival
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3 3 people off the ship
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3 an... asttroidd.. s... just 24 - hoors away... --3 from... assinn by earth. earth.and scientists say... it & could ccnttii some 200- ábillioná dollars worth of precioussmetals.the asteroid is expectee o travel about 17- thousand miles from oor planet. &ppxpeets sayy.. it doesn't poss any threat. 3 p3 &
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3 &p3 could you use an extra hundredd dollars?it's all part of our "freebrrary" contest on foxx5 morniig news.we're drrwing a 1000dolllr winner every hour.. -3 duuing fox45 morning nnwsstt enter go to facebook dot com & slash fox baltimore and ccick on the "freebruaay" tab.then starttng at 5 a-m to see if you're a winner. p3 a dangerous chemical ffuud in pomen. 3 the surprise one clerk had... for people robbing his tore... after the break 3- 3 afttr he break
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this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love.
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it's what makes a subaru a subaru. 3 &&p3 a chemical found in ccmmon thinns like carpets.... and 3 womaa's chaace of geeting osseo-arttrrtis 3 known as "p-f-c"......ann there are 2 typeesof that chemical that are llnkee to & osteo-arthiritis..esearchers ssudiid 4-thhusand men and 3 phemical and arthritis in men. 3 we want to help you get fit.
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-3p thh b-more healthy expo reeuuns to baatimmre... saturday, february see 3 stages of áliveá pntertaanment... a fit and fun - kids zone... and much much morr.thh b-more heelthy expo baltimore connention center. we'll see you herr! 3 a store clerk ddfends himself ..... when he's confronted with a robber. robber..- 3 brian patel ii quickly becoming an expert on fighting - off crooks. éthee mssachusetts store clerk managed to scare off the baa guy.... who came into thh lucky 77 rocery tueesay afternoon..... demanding this security camera videe... patel pull out a four foot sword 3& 3 "this guy wants to be tupid, - but i got aabiggee knife than him anddhe's either gonna get killld or get hurt either onn, ann he made he right ccoice to go away." away." -3 3
10:49 pm
3 just over a year ago, innide the same store, patel fought 3 confrontation, seen here, the &psuspect had a knnfe.buu that didn't top patee. he puucced &&pthe guu in the face evennaa he -3 was being stabbed. atel says back thenn too, he just && ouudn't ggttto it. 33 a warning for aaple usees... 3& securr as yoo think. & tonight's word on he wee... / -3 3 carrie peircee.. explains -3& wwyy.. a... paascodd... may... ottbe enough... protection.. 3- 3 3 a securiit law in apple's latest software update could allow hackerrsto ccess your phone. phhne. 3 that'ssaccording to new video pooted to ootube by a & uuer who tried it.apparently, a bug in pple's ios 6-point-1 your password llck.the method involves making and immediately canceling an & emergency call and holding pown the power button twice.
10:50 pm
-3 the haccer is then be able to make calls, listen to your messages and ccange your contact llst... .they can also accees yur hoooss as best we canntell, there's no immediate way to safeeuurd against it, -33 but apple is working on a fix. a ssokesperson released this statement, saying: "applee & taaes user security verr seriously. we are aware of this iisue, nd will eliver a -3 pix in a future soffwwre update." 3 apple has already commeunder fire or wo imilar bugs... that ere pointed out in 3ccrrre peirce and thats your 3 3 3 he o's made the ppayoffs for the irst time in 15 -ttey needdto do to epeat their success...neet in sports - 3 aa injured turtll gets a new ease onnlife... the 3 helping hee swimmagain. 3 bth - government seizuues
10:51 pm
3 from michigan to texas. and maine to oregon. if you live pr travel in these reeions then listen very carefully.the 3& security has announceddit has the uuhority of seeze perronallelectrrnnc deeiies. laptops, tabbets, smart phones, cameras, cds, dvds. anything that storee 3& travelinggnear the border. and download any inffrmation - contained. no warrant. no probable cause. nor ven suspicion a crime maa have - been ommitted. it can do ii to anyone. anytime. for any -3 reason. or no reason at all. dhs says it can do this n the name of ationnalsecurity.itts border area nto the u... not just where the u.s. bbrders ccnada and meeico. it inclldes the coastlines. draw a 100 mile arc 3 inssde the utline of the us 3 could have their electronic devicee confiscated by federal & agenns foo no reason two of every three or about 190 million mericans.3 historrcally,
10:52 pm
the courts have giien wide latitude ooborddr -3 patrrl agennssarguing tteir border rossing insspctions donnt violate the constitution's ouurh &pamendment. the obama adminissration reeently & confirmed iis impllmentation &pof the seizure policyyclaiiing were on its side.forrmore on this story visit ehind thee hhadlines dot net and ollow usson witter and faccbook.i'm park hyman happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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3 looiig caaeeto an end fter a relatively quiet offfeaaon, the orioles arr ready to tart 2013... 2013...pitchhrs and cctchers reported on tuusdayy..tte & sttrting rotation is the & biggest question going into &pcamp...jason hammel and wei-yin chen are the only starters with guaranteed -3 spots...but pitching isnnt &pkeyyto another playoff run...-3 foo him, it alllstarts with deffnse... 3 to the worlddchammion ravens...and good news world 3 &p3& to the worll chammion -3&pravens...and ood ewssfrom the injury front..terrell suggg issnot gonna have to havee surgeey on his torn bbcep.. suggs sought aasecond ooiiion on the injury'and hhs decided
10:56 pm
to rfehab the the injury -33 rather than go under the suffered the injry ddcember 2nd against the steeelrss but played thru the pain all the way to hesuper bowl.. 3 the ravensshave lost quarterbackkdennns dixon frrm &ptheir practiceesquad..he signed a two yeaa deal with the phiiadelphia eagles, coach,chip kelly, whhissnow the eaales head coachh..ixon nfl careerr allof them witt the pittsburrh steelers 3 jason hammel talks abbut starting opennng daa....ndd - pear froo towsonncoach pat skerry on the team'ss turnarouud season...coming up att11-30 on he latt editioo... a tuurle gets prosthetic -3 flippers.. why it took more fins... and whht makes this pair different frrm previous veesions. 3 ...and comingg p in just minutee on the late edition... ediiion...lloking live at the dockeddin mobile alabama.. pe'll have ewwinformation on the end of iis nightmare voyage.
10:57 pm
3 and a bbi surprise during aid onna suspected meth lab.what police found iistead of drugg..
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
superstar is coming to ourr -& beyonce tickets... ommrrow on fox45 morning neww! 3 a... disabled turtle... is....given... --3 a... new... pair of prosthetic flippers.
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